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Every birthday marks a unique chapter in the book of life. At our core, we believe in creating birthday tales that resonate, echo joy, and leave an indelible mark.

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Where 'I Do' Meets WooHoo


we're all in. We blend tradition with trends, elegance with enthusiasm, crafting weddings that aren't just events, but epic tales of love.

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Where Business Gets a Party Twist


we ensure each event mirrors your brand's vision and ethos. Precision in planning, innovation in execution, and a flair for crafting engaging atmospheres,

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Celebrating life's milestones with elegance – your event, our passionate executions.

Welcome to Myantway Events, where your dream event becomes a reality. With over 8 years of expertise under our belt, we’ve transformed ordinary occasions into extraordinary memories. From whimsical birthday parties and fairy-tale weddings to impressive corporate events, we’ve got all your event needs covered.

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Why be ordinary? Amp it up with Myantway’s fun extras!


Epic event add-ons -fun boosters

we believe in creating experiences that are not just memorable, but also engaging and fun-filled.


Gift Alert! Claim no-cost photos & films!

Your events deserve the spotlight. Our expert team captures and ensuring that every smile, tear, and applause is beautifully preserved for free.


Design your perfect event: Unlimited Possibilities!

Your dreams, our canvas.With our comprehensive event customization, you have the freedom to design, tweak, and personalize every detail. Your vision is our blueprint.”

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do offer free photography services. Capturing the essence of your event through photos is our way of ensuring your memories are beautifully preserved. It’s an added perk we offer to enhance your overall experience.

Our cancellation policy is simple: Notify us  48 hours prior to the scheduled date to cancel our service. This ensures the provision of exceptional service while giving us the opportunity to prioritize your utmost satisfaction.

Yes, we are equipped to accommodate orders up to one day before the event. While we recommend placing orders in advance, we’re prepared to meet your needs promptly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Yes, we offer services like magic shows, games, and entertainment. Kindly notify us in advance for these. They’re not automatically included but can be added separately upon request. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What Our Clients tell about us

Swathi & Sunil

We had a budget constraint, but we wanted an awesome wedding because, as they say, we marry only once. So, we couldn't overdo our expenses, nor did we want to keep it simple. We shared our thoughts with the Antway team, and they didn't hesitate to plan within our budget. And OMG, We can't believe how well and amazing it turned out! We can't believe our eyes. They are truly creative and smart people who know just how to get it right. We love you guys!


It was my girlfriend 21st birthday, I was bit nervous how to celebrate I had one thing in my mind that I want to make it very special for her but I was not even getting a single idea I was just stuck just donno why that's where my friend arvind recommended Antway, I called them them night before her birthday but still they planned and set up everything for me. I am really so happy it all went well she was so happy.


The inauguration of our second branch was truly a significant moment, and it became even more remarkable with the invaluable support of Antway Event Management. Their remarkable expertise in event management added an extra touch of professionalism and elegance to the entire occasion. We were genuinely delighted with their work

Founder @ Mindorion

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